Artist's CV
Patricia Miller (1950, Montgomery. AL, United States) is an artist who works in a variety of mediums: printmaking, drawing, porcelain, paper, fabric, photography, and video. Most recently, Miller has focused on photomontage and digital painting, blending elements of her original photographs into surreal compositions, sometimes integrating fragments of old family photographs and, more rarely, components from the public domain. Her tools include digital editing platforms, predominately photoshop. She is also experimenting with video-montage.
The natural world forms the nucleus of her work, rendering commentary on the collision between humanity and the environment. She attempts to enshrine and exhibit fragments of what will be lost if action is not taken, either as a kind of fossil record or as a dream, emphasizing the fugitive aspects of memory and habitat, the ambiguous components of our rarified atmosphere, and the altogether intangible but vital elements which we take for granted. With an emphasis on the fragility of the earth's ecosystem and the scarcity of time left to save it, she alludes to the careless malingering that has brought us to this moment.
In Miller’s work, the effects of that malingering manifest in a curated display of shards and specimens that appear preserved and encased, testifying to causes and outcomes. Predictions of the future become artifacts of the immutable past; physical matter takes on powers ordinarily manifested only in a state of magical thinking; realities overlap; strands of time become tangled, fusing into a starkness that is intended to unnerve and provoke, but without resorting to the conventional devices of dystopian visionaries. Transparency is the primary device she uses as a scrim, masking our collective human consciousness, backlit by an insufficient urgency to save our planet. She is creating veils within her work in order to lift the veil from the viewer's eye. 
Miller’s compositions combine a fidelity of detail and sleight of hand to achieve her desired intent.  
Patricia Miller currently lives with her husband Matthew and their cocker spaniel Oz in Denver, CO